All of the principals of the construction company have experience working with or on government contracts as Federal Employees or members of the Military or both. We created this construction company because we saw a need and held a competitive advantage. We were tired of some of the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses SDVOSB that were either storefronts or weren't up to standards. They were gouging the government and they didn't care about the Veterans and Government agencies they were serving and in the end delivered sub par results and headaches to the government employees they worked with. We created a construction company that believes in public service, that is here to do things the right way, and understands the government and needs of our clients because we have been in their shoes. So we set out to create one the top SDVOSB and named it Colossal Construction Company LLC.


Colossal’ core values are centered on our ability to deliver quality projects at quality prices. Colossal focuses the majority of its efforts on creating working relationships with various Federal Agency Stations and obtaining set-aside contracts at those stations. Colossal is committed to providing quality and integrity to our clients within budget.

Our company culture has been shaped by the examples of our founder, Mr. James Molnar a Marine Corps enlisted service disabled veteran, BSEET, and MBA. Mr. Molnar took the Marine Corps way of life and incorporated that into a business model and that model is the Colossal Construction Company LLC way utilizing honor, courage, and commitment.

Company Culture

At Colossal Construction Company LLC we possess the Quality, Experience, Integrity, and Commitment necessary to excel in the government marketplace.


By focusing on both the Individual and the Team, Colossal creates an environment that promotes a work hard play hard mentality that centers on mission accomplishment and troop welfare in which the Marine Corps was built. This approach encourages creativity and thinking outside the box yet still maintains an organizational structure necessary for successful government contracting projects.


The team holds experience in the military, engineering, construction, and in federal procurement processes. The cumulative construction and engineering experience exceeds 40 years with majority of that being focused on Federal Government work.


Colossal believes in the importance of doing things the right way, for the right reasons, at the right times. We strive to deliver projects of quality, on time, with great customer service, utmost integrity, and ultimately meet our clients’ needs and goals.


Colossal is committed to serving its clients for the reasons of establishing a long track record with repeat and satisfied customers.